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With this software you can resize many photos with only a few minor adjustments.

You can also add a watermark completely customizable and create thumbnails at the same time.

Ideal if you have photo galleries to put online, or send by email.

You can also change their format and more...

No installation is required, just download and run it that's all.

Some features:
  • Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.
  • Image format JPG, BMP and PNG supported.
  • Customization Advanced with watermark
  • Under Donaciel license, it's your choice if you want to reward the author or not and its amount.
  • Available language: English, French.
Name Version Downloaded Link
Redimensionneur with installer NEW 1.0.4 Build 285 78255 fois Download   Mirror
Redimensionneur NEW 1.0.4 Build 285 85323 fois Download   Mirror
Redimensionneur with installer 1.0.4 Build 281 78005 fois Download   Mirror
Redimensionneur 1.0.4 Build 281 79885 fois Download   Mirror
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