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  Revision history:


Version 2.0.3 Build 482 (2014/01/03) :

  • Added Windows 7 shortcuts tasks bar and start menu.
  • Added command line for open database, templates files automatically.
  • Added save/restore grid and card view on load database.
  • Added BETA update acces for donors.

Version 2.0.2 Build 357 (2012/12/18):

  • Added custom columns (text, number, date, price, rate).
  • Added database templates.
  • Added column list for title name.
  • Added notepad global and for database connected.

Version 2.0.1 Build 282 (2012/10/23):

  • Added settings format of date.
  • Added settings save filter in template view.
  • Added settings restore filter when load template view.
  • Added settings column header auto height or personalized.
  • Added settings sort lists alphabetically (color, type, ...).
  • Added settings show or hide card title.
  • Added settings number lines for preview comment in grid view.
  • Added settings check duplicate path bottle and warn user.
  • Added minor settings.
  • Added history filter templates list.
  • Added function clear history filter (right click in list).
  • Added synchronization of selection between the view.
  • Added column comment in grid view.
  • Fixed bug empty path bottle in add/modify.
  • Fixed settings hide column when grouping doesnt apply on already grouped.
  • Fixed no scrollbar in comment.
  • Fixed color selected, inactive not applied in card view.
  • Modified "bottles" in "titles" since a title is a set of one or more bottles.
  • Modified "id" is now unique in database and are not used again after delete.
  • Modified copy bottle, the images are not stored in memory.
  • Improved translation.
  • Various optimizations.

Version 2.0.0 Build 144 (2012/08/04):

  • Added automatic backup database mode locally/FTP(S).
  • Added customize history list database/templates.
  • Added automatic/manual compactage database.
  • Added settings fonts and color for text in grid and card view.
  • Added dialog for select color in settings.
  • Added print bottle list with templates.
  • Added template print creator.
  • Added settings choice of print selected/visible.
  • Added settings choice of print order.
  • Added settings statistics pie angle rotate.
  • Fixed settings path not correctly used.
  • Improved translation.
  • Various optimizations.

Version 1.0.1 Build 66 (2012/07/05):

  • Fixed error start auto update.

Version 1.0.1 Build 65 (2012/05/04):

  • Add setting, calculations totals at the bottom of the grid view.
  • Add setting, resizing images in the database.
  • Add setting, choice of currency.
  • Add setting, color of the list.
  • Add image zoom in grid view and card.
  • Fixed links to tutorials.
  • Fixed incorrect image size after rotation.
  • Various optimizations.

Version 1.0.0 Build 57 (2012/04/25):

  • First version.